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10 Common Mistakes Web Developers make and how to avoid them

Written by Rithesh

Web development is quite an amazing opportunity and it offers a lot of job opportunities to a number of people worldwide. A number of organizations offer high paying jobs to the individuals and even as a freelancer you can work from your home. But, even after gaining knowledge of the web development languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, and many more such platforms they encounter some problems. Even with the experience, they are not able to get to the desired position in their organization and in the case of freelancers they are not able to get good web development projects.

Now a major question arises, why is this the case. Here are a list of the 10 common mistakes that the web developers make and the ways to avoid them.

Color Selection:

The knowledge of colors is quite necessary to design visually aesthetic website. This turns out to be a major factor to attract the users. Different color combinations work for websites as per their user base. The colors of male websites do not work for female websites which is the same in case of kids websites. Hence, it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of the proper colors and the behaviour of the users. In order to gain knowledge for the same, it is necessary to check out the color combination of similar successful websites.

Unable to design for different web browsers:

Websites are displayed differently in different web browsers. Hence it is necessary to gain a basic knowledge of the major web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and various other web browsers. Then you need to design the website as per these.

Design for different resolutions:

It is also necessary to have an idea of the web design as will be displayed in different screen resolution. One must design the website keeping in mind the different screen resolution. For this one must also have a proper idea of the different resolution of the devices used by the users.

Proper knowledge of different web technologies:

It is necessary to have a proper knowledge of different web technologies and the latest news and updates about the same. It is because many new features are added on a regular basis for the same. One must have always remain updated with the latest news and updates about the same.

Mobile specific design:

Mobile browsers are quite in use nowadays. These amount for about half of web traffic of the internet. Hence it is necessary that the websites must be designed keeping into mind the web design principles for mobile. It is important to have a knowledge of the web design principles for Android, iOS and Windows phone devices and also have a basic knowledge of the screen resolution about the same.

Web Speed:

The web speed plays a major factor in impacting the user behaviour. In case the website loads slower, the visitors will move to the other competitor websites. Hence it is necessary to design such websites that loads fast. This can be done by minifying the codes and the website content. The images used in the websites too must be properly optimized.

Improper images:

With the increase in the use of images, a lot of people use it on their website. It is necessary to use those images that convey the message properly. Apart from that, the website also must not use bulky images as it slows down the site speed. It doesn’t mean that the images must be of poor quality as it too may become a turnoff. You must have the copyright of the images or you can opt for the images with creative commons licence.

Proper Navigation:

A proper navigation of the website is quite necessary and it is necessary that you choose the option to display the navigation menus in the proper place. The menus must be displayed properly in the proper places. An improper navigation provides bad user behaviour and there are chances that the users will move away from the website. It is necessary to provide the links to relevant pages which is easily accessible by the users.

Provide relevant information easily:

One of the major factor that is necessary is to provide relevant information easily. In case of insufficient information, the users of your website will move to the next website immediately. It is also necessary to not overload them with the information. In such cases too they will not read the information and move to the next page. The information must be neatly organized in the form of paragraphs with different headings so that the users can easily find out the relevant information.

Knowledge of the user behavior:

Different users behave differently as per their requirements. Hence it is necessary to have a proper idea of the user behavior before designing the website. It helps a great deal in developing the website that provides benefits to the clients and will turn out to be fruitful to you as well.


This article highlights 10 common mistakes made by the web developers. After following these methods, they will be able to advance their career and design better websites as per the requirements of the users. Even the freelance web developers will be able to get good paying projects. These skills are not hard to master and will help you reap the benefits.


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